Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I love movie series!

Just FYI, I love movie so baaaadly. Esp for movie series like supernatural. Do you watch it too? haha. I started to watch it in grade 7 or 8 (got problem with my memories lately) in tv. In the 1st time I watched, I didnt really interest with this movie. But after 3 times I watched it, I realized that the movie was so coooooooooool! Supernatural is a creepy movie that most of the story is about ghost. Two brothers, called Dean and Sam do their job much like a ghost hunter.
There are already 4 seasons in Supernatural so far. And now they are on working make the 5th season. And i cant wait for that!
Haha you know you know? I like to watch Asian drama too :D But so far I just like to watch 2 Asian drama movies. They are Sassy girl and BBF haha and i think they're so lucky because i wanna watch them. I dont really like to watch Asian drama actually. And the prove...

(supernatural DVDs season 3 and 4)

and for the Asian drama

(All DVDs movie series that i have)

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