Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stressed Out !

yeah, Im 9th grade now , and i know it will make me busy with school .
even i dont really ready for that .

Im so busy right now , i have a lot of tests every week! My day's just full of tests, try out, assignments , and many more . im getting tired and stress . My day's just full of boredom .
Two weeks ago, i did my weektest . One week ago, i did my tryout . This week, i 've done my weektest . Nextweek, i've tryout . Two weeks later, i've practical tests . 3 weeks later, i've some fuckin exams . wtf!

Stressed out !

but I admit, thats good for me . I can prepare for UN much better . Im promise i'll study hard . i wanna make my parents proud of me . i wanna do my best in my last year in GPS .
Maybe i wont free anymore . No more games, fs, myspace, chat, and blog . Can i leave that all ? Damn, Im not sure . Maybe i should make a schedule . ahh, too boring haha ! yeah, just let it flow . but im believe in god . he'll help me to solve my probs . And i need youuuuuuuu ! I need your supports !

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