Thursday, April 9, 2009

Saya kembali

Now April 09th, and i think you know that its election day! But i dont wanna talk about it now.

Actually it has been a long time, i dont post anything in this blog. Since my laptop die, I couldnt play laptop anymore. I couldnt play internet. And that was troblesome. I cant do my homeworks easily, as you know i should finish it in warnet. So, if there is a homework, i must go to the warnet and done it or my teacher will kill me.
I was rarely open my fb, myspace, fs. Even tough i can online in mobilephone. But it was truly hard. there isnt web browser application in my mobilephone. Yeah, my ex-hp has died. So, i was being online in my mom's hp. Actually my mom forbids me to use her hp. But as a mischievous girl (joke) i couldnt hold to play internet haha, and sometimes i detected of my mom, and she got angry of me.

But now

Yeah I got a new PC, so i can back online, do my homework, browsing, and posting in this blog.
Hopefully, my brother will not destroy my new pc anymore.

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